May 16

Episode 118, Box Office Weekend, Inhumans, Gametime

As Spring turns into Summer, the box office starts to get ready to release its Summer line up. In this latest episode, we begin to look closely at what’s to come and discuss the first summer flop of 2017!! What is it and how bad can it get?

We continue with Magic Mike’s take on Guardians of the Galaxy 2. He gives a spoiler-free review and you may be surprise on what he has to say. From  Guardians to Royalty, the Inhumans are on the way. Here is another topic in which we seem to be split on. Who likes it and who doesn’t?

The hackers have struck again! This time its Disney. They claim to have a blockbuster movie and they are threatening to release it. Will Disney give in? Listen in on how we would handle this scenerio.

Finally, what is an episode without some video games. Check out this Gametime as we cover everything from the newest Lego Marvel Superheroes 2, to the fan favorite Phantom Dust finally getting its due and Ghost Recon Wildlands releasing another DLC. Is this the DLC that Moose will “break” and spend his hard earned cash on?


Find out all this and more on episode 118. 



May 09

Episode 117, Danielle Denicola, Movie Trailers & Tech Talk

What do you get when you put Danielle DeNicola and Podcast4Scifi together? An episode that has action, comedy, and suspense. An episode where the line has been drawn in the sand (or at least in the airwaves). An episode where you have Team Apple versus Team PC.

Join us as we have the magnificent Danielle DeNIcola (she is on most social media outlets) sit in and talk about some new trailers to hit the scene: The Defenders, Dark Tower and Deathnote. How about Facebook being the next Skynet and now getting into streaming movies as well as Youtube and Snapchat. Everyone wants a piece of the streaming pie. If that’s not enough, we throw in a segment for tech as we discover how tech-y Danielle is.


Wait there is more…

We cover Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and how much “Groot” it made over the weekend!! And if this is still not enough, we even throw in some gaming news. Can someone take my $15 please?


All of this and more in an episode where there is more buzzers then bells…This is episode 117!!



May 02

Episode 116, Modded Gaming Consoles, SWCO video, Netflix Hack

What an interesting one we got here! What do we speak of?

Episode 116, that is. We dive into the some deep conversation about modded consoles and boy does it get heated. We all have our unique perspective on this topic. What systems we have that are modded if any? Is it worth it to get one? You will be surprise by this topic. We continue with a Netflix Hack? Does Netflix have anything to worry about? And finally we put up a video interview of an amazing group of young ladies named Valerious Cosplay on Youtube (<—-click for the video). We include the audio in this episode. What are you waiting for? Go and listen!!


May 01

Star Wars Celebration throwback

We are editing our video from SWCO and we thought we would revisit a few of our other videos from other celebrations!!! Check this one out with Amanda! We missed seeing her at the most recent celebration in Orlando! Next time, Amanda. Next time!

Apr 27

Episode 115, SWCO let downs, Xfiles, Cloak and Dagger

We are back with another episode. Number 115 to be exact. Last week we covered all the pros of #SWCO (Star Wars Celebration). Well lets talk improvements. We discuss their opportunities. Also season 11 of X-files has been announced. Is it going to get better or worse? Finally Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger released a trailer but its not on Netflix. Its on Freeform?? This and much more!!

Apr 19

Episode 114, Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

So many things to mention, not enough time. At least all in one episode! I can tell you the title says it all.. but we talk specifics of our experience in the main stage panels, the event, the vendors, the people… you name it. More to come! Listen to this episode for your journey!

Apr 16

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Update

It has been 3 days so far at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017, and they have all been great! We have so much to share from the event… so many people we have seen AGAIN and more new ones we met for the first time. Too much to mention in this single post as it is already 3:50 AM and today is the last day. We will update all of you soon! We can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!

Apr 14

Episode 113, Pre Star Wars Celebration, Thor

Another week has gone by which means another episode, Episode 113 to be exact. This is our Pre-Star Wars Celebration episode. We also talk about #ThorRagnarok. Did they show too much or not enough? For all you Samsung fans, we discuss the S8.

Finally with all the Star Wars stuff going around, we discuss some #TheLastJedi rumors. All this and more in an episode loaded with info. This is episode 113!



Apr 07

Episode 112, Spiderman, Mummy, TWD, Star Wars Celebration

Rogue one was release on Blu-Rey… (see what we did there).. Spiderman homecoming trailer, King Arthur, The Mummy, .. all trailers we dig into… #spiderman #kingarthur #mummy
Cosplay body types… does cosplay work for anyone? #halloweening #cosplay

TWD Season Finale.. surprises???? #TWD

We will be at Star Wars Celebration next week… #starwarscelebration

plus a little extra.. like Iron Fist wrap

Mar 31

Collective Con 2017 Pics

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