Oct 26

Episode 94, The Walking Dead 7, Logan and Nintendo Switch

Spoilers are a foot in this episode! We talk about TWD’s premier in season 7. What was your reaction? Here is ours! We briefly talk about Logan’s trailer … AND Nintendo Switch


Oct 20

Episode 93, Rogue 1 trailer, Orlando iX, VR and more

The second podcast this week… we talk about the first impressions of the Rogue 1 trailer… Orlando iX and the VR game industry… TWD anticipation… next con.. MegaCon Tampa Bay… We also welcome back Magic Mike…
Oh, and Saturday Morning Cartoons should be brought back!


Oct 20

Episode 92, Gears of War 4, Luke Cage and Iron Fist

You get a quick 2 for 1 this week in the podcast. Gears of War 4, Iron Fist trailer, (should Ray Park be the man?!).. Doctor Strange Final look, Luke Cage wrap up (sweatshirts and music too)…, The Flash Premier … final look at TWD until this week!


Oct 10

Episode 91, Luke Cage and Beyond (Star Trek)

Sorry for this late podcast… #hurricanematthew really knew how to slow us down…but we won’t be stopped. Sweet Christmas.

It is no surprise we want to talk about our favorite trailer from #SDCC, Luke Cage. Without Magic Mike, we manage to discuss the setting and atmosphere of the first 6 shows. No real spoilers and nothing will surprise you by listening if you have not watched it yet. This #Netflix original has so many good qualities! Netflix and Marvel is a standard comic book team up we would read weekly! We also like the music they are pairing with this show. How many names can you spot with the music?


Our Final installment of our tribute to Star Trek. We discuss a bit of Star Trek Beyond. Did you see it yet? Again, no real spoilers but certainly our opinion on the franchise. #wrathofkhan #spock #startrek



Sep 28

Episode 90, Star Trek TNG revisit 50th with Tech

To continue a celebration of 50th this year, this podcast donates some time talking about Star Trek, TNG (The Next Generation).. What? Someone had not seen it until now? Let’s find out who.
Who’s your favorite race? #klingon #romulan #vulcan or another? What;s your favorite episode? We also talk about where we will be next!!


Sep 22

Episode 89, Star Trek TOS, Animate Florida Recap and tech

Our tribute to Star Trek TOS.. we talk about first reactions to Gamegod who has never seen a full episode! So we had him watch 5 of them to start! We recap our Animate Florida experience.

Find out more in this episode!



Sep 20

Animate Florida 2016 Cosplay Pics

Check out all of the cosplays pics in the photo gallery! 3 Rounds of cosplay from Animate Florida 2016! Tag yourself and share with friends!






Sep 15

Episode 88, Star Trek Online, Cable TV vs Internet and fall updates

We star our celebration of Star Trek at 50 with the new Xbox 1 release of Star Trek Online game discussion. Also some fall TV show updates. And finish it with our simple discussion of Internet vs Cable TV. Is it worth the higher price??? You decide.




Sep 11

Episode 87, Stranger Things and SL Comic Con 2016

In this episode, you will find mostly Pro’s and Con’s from Salt Lake Comic Con.. (we really hope the change the cons!).. and who’s watching Stranger Things from Netflix?? Let’s talk about this!

A few topics you will find in this episode also include, Titan Fall 2, Ark, No Man Sky, Samsung VR, Mark Hamill, William Shatner, Cosplayers, Millie Bobby Brown and 80’s throwback!

#twilightzone #talesfromthedarkside #stephenking #alfredhitchcock #outerlimits



Sep 03

#SLCC2016 Update

We are putting together a lot of pictures from Salt Lake Comic Con over the next few days. Today is Saturday and the last day of the con! We hope to get a lot of great pics of cosplayers today! Be on the look out for us! It’s going to be a busy day!

We will be putting up all the pics soon! Stay tuned! Let’s see some of the images from last year to bring us back!






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