Feb 10

Episode 106, Marvel TV, Movie Trailers and 2017 Outlooks

You can catch us talking about X-Men TV Show, Legion to all the trailers that were released this past week. Stranger Things 2, GOTG2, Clone wars, Netflix, Transformers, Ghost in a shell, Logan, TWD and Pensacon 2017. And some other stuff too!

Catch it right here!!

Feb 04

Episode 105, Voltron Season 2 Wrap and Doctor Who

We have a little more than this, but you must listen to find out! We talk Gotham and Joker. Voltron on Netflix Season 2 wrap. Doctor Who change. And more… did we mention free gifts?

Jan 27

Episode 104, The Last Jedi , Voltron and Garbatron

The Last Jedi? Who is it? Is Jedi Plural? Why is it in Red? We discuss this. PLUS.. Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 is out on Netflix. Have you seen this yet?

We have a contest right now… FREE STUFF! You just have to go vote! Listen to find out how to win.
Contest is through Feb 12th. #spacieawards

#residentevil7 #kingdomhearts #silverhawks

Jan 20

Episode 103, Recast Princess Leia? Or Digital?

We take time to talk about what no one wants to discuss, Recasting Princess (General) Leia for the new movies. Let’s hear your opinion too. Along with some facts about Harry Potter and Carrie Fisher. Superman, Was Smallville the best story ever for Superman? #lexluthor
Coby gave us some headsets to give away! #lexluthor to win!

Sony PSVR, Nintendo Switch news.. Legends of Zelda

Iron Fist and the Defenders

Jan 17

Episode 102, CES 2017 Tech and NETFLIX TrollHunters

Yes, 2017 is still here and this is just the beginning! We have a long discussion on recent tech advances and what we thought was very cool from CES 2017. Our take on it! AND a brief preview of Trollhunters from Netflix! Very cool. You must check it out!

Jan 05

Episode 101, Originals Season 3 & Box office bombs 2016

Our new year starts with an insurance policy of 50 million on the podcast! Or … Disney… or something like this. We take a cosplay trip with Rogue 1, Star Wars Celebration, Box Office Bombs of 2016, The Originals Season 3 recap… and anything else we can start out 2017 with in 51 mins!

Dec 21

Episode 100, Star Wars: Rogue One Overview w/ Jonboy Meyers and Sara Moni

I’m one with the Force, the force is with me. Yes, Episode 100 for us with Jonboy Meyers and Sara Moni. We Talk all things Rogue One, start to finished! What else do you need??

Dec 18

Episode 99, TWD Drama and Rogue One Jackets

Episode 99 is loaded with the latest movie trailers of War for the planets of the apes, Transformers, The last knight, Spiderman Homecoming, The Walking Dead mid-season finale, Doctor Who Christmas special, Rogue One first impression (no spoilers) based on directors premiere! Columbia Rogue one jackets. If you could have only one, would you take vision or hearing?? Justice League Action begins!

Ok, don’t let this last episode before 100 go by….




Dec 08

Episode 98, Blonde Ninja vs Baby Groot

An extended episode with @BlondeNinja221B (Twitter)! You can even find her on Instagram #daisymariephotoops. We dive ever so shallowly in #thewalkingdead or #thewalkingdrama with Negan and grammy. #breakingbad connection? Our first look athe #guardiansofthegalaxy2 trailer, #babygroot, #drax and comedy. #themummy with #tomcruise, #2016gameawards failure, #directvnow and what it means for you! #finalfantasyxv #lastofus2 #residentevil

Let’s give this a go! Check it out now!


Dec 01

Episode 97, Moana, Dune and SuperNES station

On this weeks episode, 97, We discuss the Disney film Moana. How does this film stack up against other Disney films? Dune may be released again! Have you seen the first one? Tidbits of the Arrival film, Flash, Rogue One ticket sales, and a SUPER NES game system?? What’s in your system?!

All this and more!

Episode 100 is only a few weeks away! Who’s waiting to hear from JonBoy Meyers and Sara Moni again? WE ARE!



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