Apr 19

Episode 114, Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

So many things to mention, not enough time. At least all in one episode! I can tell you the title says it all.. but we talk specifics of our experience in the main stage panels, the event, the vendors, the people… you name it. More to come! Listen to this episode for your journey!

Apr 16

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Update

It has been 3 days so far at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017, and they have all been great! We have so much to share from the event… so many people we have seen AGAIN and more new ones we met for the first time. Too much to mention in this single post as it is already 3:50 AM and today is the last day. We will update all of you soon! We can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!

Apr 14

Episode 113, Pre Star Wars Celebration, Thor

Another week has gone by which means another episode, Episode 113 to be exact. This is our Pre-Star Wars Celebration episode. We also talk about #ThorRagnarok. Did they show too much or not enough? For all you Samsung fans, we discuss the S8.

Finally with all the Star Wars stuff going around, we discuss some #TheLastJedi rumors. All this and more in an episode loaded with info. This is episode 113!



Apr 07

Episode 112, Spiderman, Mummy, TWD, Star Wars Celebration

Rogue one was release on Blu-Rey… (see what we did there).. Spiderman homecoming trailer, King Arthur, The Mummy, .. all trailers we dig into… #spiderman #kingarthur #mummy
Cosplay body types… does cosplay work for anyone? #halloweening #cosplay

TWD Season Finale.. surprises???? #TWD

We will be at Star Wars Celebration next week… #starwarscelebration

plus a little extra.. like Iron Fist wrap

Mar 31

Collective Con 2017 Pics

Mar 28

Episode 111 Ding and Dong, Collective Con 2017

In this episode, Moose hands outs some Rights and Wrongs to Gamegod and Magic Mike. 40 Seconds of TWD, Collective Con 2017, cosplay, Justice League trailer, GOTG trailer… thats it! Seems like a little? We fill up the time with it! Did someone say Cosplay Melee???

Mar 21

Episode 110, Wikileaks Hack, Iron Fist (first 5 episodes) & 40 Seconds of TWD

How many of you heard exactly what the WikiLeaks / CIA hacks are? Well, we hear from the founder himself. We also dive into the first 5 episodes of Netflix Iron Fist… first reviews weren’t so good… do we think the critics were right? How about #TWD? Is it worth an entire podcast to discuss? Is it getting better, status quo or declining?

We also have some odds and ends…
Join us on this episode! Where all things scifi come to life!

ALSO, catch us at Collective Con 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend!!

Mar 17

Next Stop, CollectiveCon2017

Join us for next con! Come by and say hi! Collective Con in Jacksonville, Florida on March 24 – 26, 2017. Meeting some great guests, cosplayers and musicians! Get your tickets now or at the door, but meet us there. More info to come!

Mar 16

Pensacon 2017- Can it grow?


It was the morning of Feb 18th, 4AM, and we were on our way to Pensacola. Following a busy week of traveling, we managed to gather our gear and get on the road. It’s always exciting to go to Pensacola and visit Pensacon. We arrive in Pensacola at about 11am. Upon arriving, you can feel the excitement from fans and staff alike. We were greeted by fans we met in previous years immediately.


When we got our media kit,  the very first thing we notice; no lanyards to go with the media pass. It was just a pass with a clip. Strange!! This was a first and a little disappointing but nevertheless we didn’t let this dampen the mood. We enter through the main entrance and it seemed as there were more people here than in previous years. Great sign!!

We hit the convention floor and boy was it packed. There were many areas that were so tightly packed that you literally couldn’t move for 5 to 10 minutes. Great for the convention, horrible for the fan and the experience. One of the biggest things we talked about in previous years is the size of the venue. The convention has outgrown the venue. Its to the point when you no longer can fit into your favorite jeans from high school but you still try anyway. It’s really starting to become apparent.

As we continue to crawl through the venue we ran into lots of great cosplay:




On to the celebrity rooms! Each year this seems to be the most challenging part of Pensacon as again the venue is oddly shaped, but we got to say this was the best we have ever seen them lay it out. There was a great flow to traffic, the celebrity guest didn’t seem to be bunched up on each other, and their line up was solid.

Some of the guests included:



As well as others but one of our favorites was :

He was very engaging and eager to speak with everyone. That is always a huge plus when meeting guests. As we continued along we ran into more guests in cosplay:

Yes that is Moose and sometimes he thinks he is in cosplay as well!

In conclusion, the overall feel of the convention was great. They always do an excellent job of taking care of the guests, keeping it exciting for the fans and helping out the media with whatever they need. If there is something we can suggest: find a bigger venue! It will help you tremendously as you will get more vendors, more guests and ultimately more fans.

Until next year, make sure to check out our photo gallery and have fun cosplaying!!!



Mar 14

Episode 109, King Kong, Iron Fist and Top 25 Villians

Let’s start with a 3 minute recap of TWD… then moving on to Kong: #Skullisland.

Iron Fist on netflix is starting to get reviews… what’s our review? Star Wars Rebels: Darth Maul vs Obi Wan????
A Bigger breakdown on the Top 25 Greatest Comic Book Supervillians of all time. Is this list accurate? Who is missing?

Switch hacked??

All this and more in this episode!

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