Walking Dead (Governor)

Any one else care to join me in saying I told you so to the rest of the podcast4scifi crew. Not only is the Governor back, they gave him an entire episode all about him. ‘I told you so’

Don’t try to deny it guys, I believe it was podcast episode three that we discussed it.

“knowing is half the battle”

3 thoughts on “Walking Dead (Governor)

  1. Ok, MM you were right, the Governor is back. Now will you just admit to the world just how much you love Agents of Shield! We all know you dressed up like Nick Fury for Halloween!

    1. I am trying to get into JP I promise, and what I do on my own time is my personal business buddy….

      Oh I found this in my inbox, however I believe it was meant you.

      Dear JP,
      I want to thank you for promoting us and sticking by our side even though it has been ruff and you don’t really believe what you are saying on the podcast. We know you secretly Agree with Moose, Game God, and Magic Mike. We know we talk a good game but we just haven’t had the “budget”. We are only backed by Disney. Please continue to be patient with us and push our agenda. Thank you again.


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