Xbox One release day

Live interviews with people waiting for the Xbox 1.  Listen to the commentary on why they want this new system and the games they are going to play.  Listen to how long they wanted today, how long they had it on reserve and what are they doing there all day long….

Thanks to all those who participated! Let us hear your feedback!

3 thoughts on “Xbox One release day

  1. Ok the Xbox One. I resevred it for day one and slowly paid it off. Went in on the friday after its release to pick it up from game stop. Talking to the sales man bought the extend one year warrenty and also had Ghost on reserve. So, the sale man asked me if it wanted to pick my Copy of Ghost for the 360. I said no its for the One he says that we have for the 360. I replied i traded i. My PS3 and my 360 when it forst reserved it. I have no need for it one the 360 and i told the original salesman that. As he looked at me like yea right he said we will fix it. He then said my total was $110. I replied i thought the warrenty was only $50. He says yes but, you have to pay for the game to. I say my wife came in and paid the last amount on my reserve about two weeks ago which was about $260 and she asked if i owed any more and of course he says no your paid off. Again he looks at like i am an idiot. So, i pay it cause i am not going to when no matter what. Have it at home set it up had opened my game yet, grab the rest of my 360 games and go and trade them in for forza 5. Got ripe off on the trade in (mass effect 3 special addition gave me $1.50 and sell it for $20). Played it not impressed. So the next day went to return my Ghost and trade forza for ghost. They told since forza was open i would only get $38 as for trade. So return ghost and kept forza. Sent game shot a nasty email and no reply. So, if you can stay away from game stop they will rip you off. Will have better luck at pawn shops. Now the Xbox One, not impressed. Set up the voice command or what ever it was called. While watching a movie or show if you talk it will pick up on certain words and stop or turn off. Inter face is not very user freindly. To watch a bluray or dvd i have to down load a program. Not realy worth the wait or the excitement. Should wait long and got it at a lesser price.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Kreil. This will certainly make me think between Xbox and Sony before I purchase The only issue that I can speak to is the voice command. I have had that issue with it stopping the video with my 360 and have found it happens while my surround sound is on, your kinect maybe to close to the speakers.

      This is certainly GameGods area of expertise, maybe he opine.

      1. Well I have read numerous things about both systems. They both have had their hiccups out of the gate. Anything from hardware defects to software hangups to just plain old over expecting and under delivering. I can say the experience that you had at gamestop is a common one. I can say this much, I have played both systems and right now its still very early to tell. Both systems rushed to get it out by the holidays and they have no games to really show off either system. When games such as destiny, the division, and titanfall come out then we can revisit this question.

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