Almost Human

So there’s a new show on TV. Its called Almost Human. I have watched 3 episodes I think the show is really good. I love the special effects (maybe Agents of Shield should get in touch with them on how to produce similar effects). They remind me a lot of the movie I Robot. The story line is really cool with robots and humans working together. It is a more mature show with some adult themes. I curious to know what you guys and gals think about that? Does it add or take away from it? Also how do you think it compares to Agents of Shield or The Tomorrow People?

2 thoughts on “Almost Human

  1. I agree GameGod this has been a great show so far, however they don’t need to take this to the bedroom. Too many shows go that way today thinking it creates drama. I think they are losing the up and coming viewership. Hopefully they will read our comments and take note.

  2. GameGod, Agents of Shield is doing just fine. Some shows don’t need special effects to tell a great story! Having said that, I agree Almost Human, so far seems almost good.

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