Interview 1 @ MegaCon 2014

Daniella was having a blast cosplaying Chun-Li from Street Fighter at MegaCon 2014 in Orlando. We decided to stop her and ask a few questions. Take a listen to hear her responses. She sounded great on our podcast. You’ll like it also. Daniella, let us know how famous you get! 😉

You will hear more interviews over the next week put up! We have some good ones! More pictures to come also. Thanks for tuning in!

Interview with Daniella "Chun-Li"
Interview with Daniella “Chun-Li”

"Chun-Li" interview at MegaCon 2014
“Chun-Li” interview at MegaCon 2014
MegaCon 2014 "Chun-Li" Daniella
MegaCon 2014 “Chun-Li” Daniella

One thought on “Interview 1 @ MegaCon 2014

  1. That intro was the BEENEES.

    Dope interview Moose. Her chun-li outfit looks really good. I especially love the cuffs! I can’t wait to hear the other interviews!!!!

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