Comics and Music: A Love Story


The first serialized comic series was released in 1867 in Great Britain.  Can you imagine that? Almost 150 years of graphics and text combined in various ways to create thousands of worlds.  It is no suprise then that the reach and effect of the comic/graphic novel has been extremely powerful, from political propaganda to learning tools for toddlers.

Here is a FANTASTIC article on how comics have influenced music.  Check it out here:

From Ink to Sound: How Comic Books Influenced Music

Are there any musicians/musical groups that this article missed?  Any songs that come to mind that reference in some way a favorite graphic novel?

As more and more comics are translated into the moving image medium (i.e. movies, television shows, animated series, video games), scores and soundtracks are redefining how we think of our favorite comic book characters.  Music adds a new dimension to the story and it is no surprise that the cultural effect that comics have had can be seen in our favorite bands, our favorite songs.

Here is another awesome article (full of handy dandy youtube clips) by PopDose.  You might see a familiar album cover or FIVE:

10 Classic Songs Inspired By Comic Book Superheroes

wings-magneto-and-titanium-man-capitol-4Paul McCartney’s group, Wings – Magneto and Titanium Man album cover (1975)

How else have comics changed our cultural landscape?

And for my cosplayers, when you are dressed as your favorite character, what is your ideal theme song?  If there was one band you could choose to play your cosplay soundtrack, who would it be?  I definitely have to say that when I cosplay as The Crow, I hear Nine Inch Nails the entire time!  Hit the comment link at the bottom and share your favorite music!

The_Mouse_and_the_Mask-DANGERDOOM_480The Mouse and The Mask album: a collaboration between Danger Mouse and MF Doom


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