Episode 24 4_25_14 Salt Lake City FanX Comic Con

You’ve seen some of the images already from the con. Listen to what our thoughts are about what we did there.. and the future for this con. We met some great people along the way. We talk about a few of them on this podcast. Let’s talk about Dan Farr, Cosplayers, Artist Adam Munoa, Doctor Who, Russ Adams from Jim Hensons Creature Shop, Crime Fighting Cheerleaders, Sara Moni, Aspen Cosplay.. and more. Interviews are still coming! Keep an eye out for Video and the Interviews on the upcoming podcasts.

One thought on “Episode 24 4_25_14 Salt Lake City FanX Comic Con

  1. You guys are so fun we hope to see you at more cons thank you for a great time lol Aspen Cosplay Collection!1

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