Episode 25 5_1_14

We decided to sit down and take break from the con and record a quick session for the podcast with just us. Fan X had a great family oriented convention. They had there own section for the kids, and we saw a lot of kids. We saw a lot of smiles on their faces.
We talk about the cosplay at SLC again, beginner to expert costumes. Listen to Adam Munoa (www.adammunoaart.com) talk about his artwork. You MUST check this guy out. You’ll see some good work and feel free to purchase some artwork and support artist. Support super hero artist!!
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2 thoughts on “Episode 25 5_1_14

  1. I like the local artist take, it’s not often we get to here from them. Thanks for your thoughts Adam.

  2. His artwork is AMAZING – the skateboard designs and THOSE STREETFIGHT sketches!!! so dope. GREAT INTERVIEW!!!! Thanks, Adam!!!! I am definitely a fan.

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