Constantine looks Awesome

First off I want to say I have always been a huge fan of the movie Constantine. The special effects, the story, the lore….so when they announced that a TV series was in the making I cringed a little. I cringed because I didn’t want them to water it down, make it into some nighttime emo show or worse, a love story of some sort.


Then they casted Matt Ryan as John Constantine and I though “hmmm it can’t be that bad.” Besides he was in The Tudors, Torchwood, played a small role in the popular show Vikings and even voiced Edward Kenway of the video game Assassin’s Creed IV. Then they aslo casted Harold Perrineau. He was in everything from Oz to Lost to one of my favorite shows Sons of Anarchy.


Interested yet? I am!


Now comes the trailer….


Looks good doesn’t it? I thought the same. This is on TV, as a series, WOW! I am interested, heck, I’m more then interested. This is something that can be big. I’m in, who’s with me.

One thought on “Constantine looks Awesome

  1. GameGod I enjoyed the movie as well. It looks good, I love the cast, however I’m not buying it. Not yet anyway.

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