Microsoft Madness

So here we are again, another Thursday which means some more juicy info.


First up, today Microsoft announced the release date of Minecraft for the Xbox One; well sort of.


It will be released in August. Not only that it will cost only $20. That’s awesome but what if I have it already for the 360?

Simple, pay only $5 for an upgrade and transfer all my info over. WOW! That’s madness!


Want some free stuff? Try Powerstar Golf! Originally priced at $19.99. It is currently available as a free download that includes a single hole from every course featured in the full game. If you like it, then you can purchase additional content. Players who have already paid for the game originally will get ALL the content updates for free – including the new course that is available today. This is a great way to really try out the game without paying for it up front. Can we say the new way to demo a game?


Yes it’s true! Your eyes do not deceive you. That is the cover art for Halo 5: Guardians. Microsoft announced it will be released in 2015, most likely in the fall. But wait there is more!

Unofficially there is a rumor stating there will be something leading up to this release. The rumor; The Master Chief Collection. A collection of all 4, yes all 4 Halos redone and released as a bundle. OMG!!! Can you imagine if that is true? This is Madness!!

I love all this info and goodies we are getting but what’s crazy about all this is that usually big news like this gets announced at an event such as E3. So if this isn’t big news to Microsoft I wonder what they have plan. I can’t wait and see.


Last but not least Call of Duty: Advance Warfare. ¬†Watch this trailer…

The game looks incredible. Can’t help but to think that it looks a little like Titanfall. Nevertheless amazing. What a touch to add in Kevin Spacey. 11-4-2014 look for it.


That’s all I got for you this Thursday so I leave you with this…





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  1. Well besides Call of Duty looking AWESOME!!!

    I still have one question about all this great info about Microsoft.

    What if I still own an Xbox 360?

    Is all of this still available to me?

    ok two questions..

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