Can Batman Arkham Knight be the best Batman in the series?


When you hear that name what do you think of? Maybe we think of the Adam West Batman of the 60’s, perhaps we think of the Michael Keaton Batman. Some may say that Christian Bale played the best Batman in the Dark Knight series or maybe there are 1 or 2 people who think of Ben Affleck as the Batman….that’s a long shot!

As we go through the different Batmans in movie history we are about to go into the 4 Batman game from Rocksteady titled Batman Arkham Knight. If you have followed the series up until now you will know that we started Batman in Arkham Asylum, then we went into Arkham City. Next we took a flashback into the past with Arkham Origins and finally we are here with Arkham Knight.


When the first of the series came out, we were blown away with everything that it offered. The graphics were top-notch, a plethora of villains, and the best melee fighting system to date. Then Arkham City came out and our expectations were nearly insatiable. The game looked awesome and had the same fighting engine but we were not content with the same. Nevertheless the game still performed extremely well. We thought that was the end of the series but then Rocksteady surprised us with Arkham Origins again we set the bar high and were slightly disappointed with a sub par story and repetitive missions.


Fast forward to today; and we have Batman Arkham Knight. The game is scheduled for release on Oct 14th and I have to say what I have seen is impressive. They have added the Batmobile for one and his suit looks more techy. Hey don’t take more word for it check out this offical gameplay video.


See I told you it looks awesome. I do have a concern. I hope they don’t kill the series when adding the Batmobile because I feel it will take away from the “Batman feel”  of traversing rooftops via the Batclaw. The other thing is I hope we get to see Robin/Nightwing during the course of the story as playable characters.


Regardless on how I feel on these two topics Rocksteady has got the opportunity to make this the best Batman yet and Oct 14th can not get here any sooner!

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