Middle Earth and The White Walker

They call him The White Walker. He kills with the speed of a wraith and the soul of a demon. He is relentless and no one survives his encounters.  But who is The White Walker and why does he kill?


His Middle Earth name is Talion and he was a Ranger responsible for guarding the Black Gate of Mordor between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of The RingsThings didn’t go as planned for him for he was killed by Sauron’s armies. But his story doesn’t end there as he was resurrected with “wraith-like abilities” by the leader of the ghosts in the return of the king. He enters Mordor to extract his revenge; keep in mind Mordor still hasn’t become a barren wasteland.


Did I mention that this was a game? Yes, a game for almost every major platform including Xbox one and PS4 called Middle Earth- Shadow of Mordor.


So a lot of the story is being kept under wraps but what we do know is the story involves the Rings of Power.

 The story is separate to The Lord of the Rings however it has been said that the stories will align. You  will encounter Gollum in the game, discovering that Talion and Gollum have a lot in common.


At the end of it all, this is the guy that binds all of this together,




Watch this clip and be afraid!


The White Walker will be here October 7, 2014. Stay out of his way.

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