No Casey Jones “TMNT” 2014?


While this is not recent news it is always worth bringing it up to those true TMNT fans. Why no Casey Jones?


We’ve been through enough since the original release date back in 2011. Dealing with the movie being for adults and the name changed to just “Ninja Turtles”, plus the idea that the Turtles would be from an alien race instead of mutants created on this planet by the ooze that made them. I know the ooze was the product of alien technology in the original comic, they still weren’t aliens themselves. However Michael Bay came to his senses after hearing the fans displeasure, and promises include all the elements the made us fans to begin with. Well with the exception of no Casey Jones who “Casey Jones” who “Casey Jones. But other than that it should be right on target, correct….

If you’ve seen the trailer then you already know if not watch it here and tell me what you think. As for me it looks geared towards adults and just ok. I hope they are hiding all the good stuff from the trailer and I will be pleasantly surprised on the current release date of August 8th.  As far as the cast is concerned I have mixed feelings, I like William Fichtner as The Shredder but have hard time listening to (Monk) Tony Shaloub as splinter. Having said all of that my biggest concern is that this will just be another great action movie. I hope I’m wrong.

I really want this to be good because I remember my childhood friends and I with each of us nicknamed after them isn’t that right Leonardo I mean Moose. One thing I can say for certain there will be no ICE ICE Baby in this one, sorry Moose. Gamegod I’m sure you are heart broken too, as we all are.

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