Edge of Tomorrow


Edge of Tomorrow didn’t have me on the edge of my seat, however with it’s SciFi version of Groundhog Day it did keep me entertained.

Tom Cruise who is now 50 years young, plays a weasel media relations officer (Lt. Col. Bill Cage) who attempts blackmail a general played by Brendan Gleeson to get out of being in the war against an unknown Alien race who have come to invade our planet for some an unknown reason. The blackmail is unsuccessful and he finds himself on a military base the day before a D-day like event labeled as a grunt deserter. He try’s to convince his new commanding officer (Bill Paxton, who does a great job at his role) who he really is. To no avail Cage is thrown into a futuristic mech suit and onto the battlefield not knowing how to use it. When he finally starts to figure it out he is killed by a ‘special’ alien which starts the Groundhog day keeping things on the ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. Cage meets up with Rita played by Emily Blunt who is the undisputed top warrior of the time. Cage starts to develop feelings for her and begins to understand what it means to be a warrior as he transforms from a spineless character to a hero truly wanting to save Rita and mankind.



Even though you leave asking for more details on the Aliens and why they are invading Earth there it’s a good mixture of action, comedy, and drama. Cruise not known for his whinny and wimpy roles plays the one perfectly. This movie has the right actors, known and unknown playing the characters. Overall it’s one of the better movies to see for the summer and fun to watch. Don’t get caught up in the fact that it’s Tom Cruise and that’s the reason you won’t go. Save that for Top Gun 2?


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