Great animes, then and now!



To some people it is all they watch.

For others, its just cartoons in a different language.

To me its a lifestyle; a community. I have been watching animes for as long as I can remember, actually since the late 90’s. I remember, as I got ready for school every morning, watching Dragonball Z. There were many memorable characters such as:








There were many epic battles such as Goku vs Cell and Goku vs Broly.

Not to mention all the memes that Dragonball Z spawned:

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Then I evolved to Naruto and eventually Naruto Shippuden. Here I watched the main character Naruto grow from a young kid


to a young adult.


He also has had some pretty epic battles. His very first one in my opinion, was when he fought Sasuke. Another that comes to mind is when he fought Pain.

So fast forward to the current and what is it that I watch now:



Attack on Titan!

This anime has everything, the main character Eren starts as a nobody with nobody skills. As the story progresses he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Check out this link to see what this anime is about.

This show is incredible.


All three of these anime have quite a bit in common. The evolution of the main character from a weakling to a powerhouse, a storyline of them trying to save/stop something that seems impossible to do, and the fighting styles are quite visibly the same. It goes to show that no matter the time period, whether its the 90’s, the 2000’s, or now, the formula for a great anime is the same. I guess we don’t need to fix what isn’t broken.


If you haven’t seen any of these, then you have a lot of catching up to do. Well … what are you waiting for!





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