Salt Lake City Fan X 2014/Comic Con

As we have mention on previous podcast, our experience at the SLC Fan Experience was nothing short of great. From start to finish each day, they delivered the amount of excitement anticipated now for months! Our experience with Kenny, Jeremy and even Dan Farr was certainly professional all the way. These guys put on a show that finished 3rd overall in attendance in North America. The amount of guest loaded for the experience was tremendous and was a hit with all the fans we spoke with. It was also evident by the number of people in line.. from vendors to media guest… we had so many choices of people to talk to.. we almost didn’t have enough time. Can they run this for more days?

I’m sure when they introduce it again in September for SLCC, things will be even better and bigger than before. We look forward to being there again! We look forward to the hospitality from the people of Utah and the Convention Producers! Thanks guys… see you soon!

Check out our podcast, episode #24 and #25 to hear more of our experience.


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