Episode 35, Gotham episode 1 and the rest of Lootcrate

Did you see the first episode of Gotham? .. You would have to DVR a lot Monday night, we picked Gotham to watch and discuss. Maybe some spoilers, so make sure you watch it before listening to the podcast. Lootcrate and a Gametime to listen to. We won’t disappoint. Ivy Doomkitty will like the lootcrate! #gotham #ivydoomkitty #batman #gordon #lootcrate #dlcgame #gamestop #sontv #pstv #iphone6 #apple #startrek #tribble

One thought on “Episode 35, Gotham episode 1 and the rest of Lootcrate

  1. I thought Gotham was great. Gave you good foundation for the characters. As to Bruce screeming like a kid when his parents were shot. He is a kid. He is a child in this and we can’t expect him to be batman yet. He didnt just grow up because his parents were shot. I’m sure he matured quite a bit, but he is still a kid. Overall I really liked it and look forward to seeing what will be developing next.

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