Nintendo on your smart phone?

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Nintendo has teamed up with DeNa to join the smart phone gaming world. On one hand I am really excited and on the other I am scared of how much time I will be spending on my phone, well for now lets just focus on the excited part.

We know what Nintendo is capable of with their gaming consoles with games like of Mario, Zelda, Metriod and so on. DeNa is no slouch to the mobile gaming world, included in their resume with partners such as Square Enix, Marvel, Hasboro and to many games to mention. However the real question is will they be able to translate that to our phones? I have no doubt that they will make worth our time whether it will be games that you purchase or free apps with in app purchases (which has become the norm), I personally am tired of the “free to play” games that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata calls “free to start”. I believe this will change smart phone gaming for the better and will force other companies to increase their quality and options. Iwata said in an interview with time “The Nintendo brand encompasses more than 30-years’ worth [sic] of accumulated trust that parents can feel safe letting their children play with our products — an asset that is very precious to Nintendo,” said Iwata in the Q&A. “We want to maintain this consumer trust and would not want to damage it in any way.” Referring the in app purchasing as “pitfalls” specifically for children. He also understands that it’s the best way to highest number of players. Having said that, I don’t think nintendo will have any issues reaching the numbers they will be looking for with so many kids today on some kind of smart device who already play nintendo parents will be glad to pay for a mobile game they can trust, I know I would and I’m a parent.



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