Episode 47, Lightsabers and Alligators

This podcast covers our travels from MegaCon 2015 to Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim, CA. From Cosplay to Battlefront the game! Everything in these cons you can think of we cover somehow. Let us mention a few now… Daredevil, Netflix, Age of Ultron, Star Wars, Cosplaying, Florida Anime Experience, Norman Reedus, Stephen Amell..Vendors? Oh yes, Marcus, RJ and Chris, Bamboota… cosplayers and interviews .. (without specifics yet).. Alex and Britton, Kira, Taylor, Sailor Moon- Carolina, Sasha, Christie, GoT, Captain America, Lady Dane, Boba Fett, Ashley, Dragon Age…
More from Celebration? JCFETT, Acme Achieves Limited, Ashley, Lisa, Tantrum phone cases, Lawrence Noble, George Lucas, Sculpture, Adriane Curry, Grant Imahara, Bunnies, Rebels Season 2, Battlefront, Disney, Star Wars Weekends, Ray Park, Prop Store, Legos, EFX Collectibles, Spawn #251, Jonboy Meyers… ANA airlines, R2D2 Plane…. So much more!

Enjoy this podcast!

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