JonBoy Meyers- Artist of the Month

What a month October has turned out to be. If you don’t know what we are talking about, For Shame!! What we speak of is the artist of the month JonBoy Meyers. This is a guy with a tremendous history and unbelievable talent.

jb sdjonboy

He has done everything from Spawn, Thor, Justice League, to World of Warcraft and League of Legends. He was inspired from some of the greats like John Buscema and Jack Kirby among others. He started like any other inspiring artist: standing in the Portfolio Review lines at SDCC. But almost 20 years later here he was working with the world famous Todd McFarlane on Spawn.

Spawn-2spawn 3

We met JonBoy back at Florida Supercon 2014. HIs personality shined just as bright as his artwork. We interviewed him there.

He has since then been on the podcast twice with the current one just being released a few weeks ago. If you haven’t heard it yet, take a quick break now and click on this link —–>JonBoy gets married!

Currently, JonBoy just finished his work on Spawn and is taking a little break before he jumps into his next super secret project. He does work on commissions when he can squeeze them into his already packed schedule.

Here are a few:

flash sketch orriginal jb cyborgbeachhead

His work speaks for itself! So how would you like to win some of his work? Its as easy as just signing up. Just head to the home page ( and sign up with your email but hurry you have until Oct 31. We will then pick some winners. Its as simple as that.  Trust us when we say you want some of this swag. After you sign up to win make sure to check all of Jonboy’s work. You can find them on:

Facebook- Art of JonBoy Meyers and JonBoy Meyers


deviant art: jonboy007007

twitter: @jonboy007007

JonBoy is always an awesome guy to speak to and hang out with and we want you all to see that too. Go out and support all your artists and make sure you pick up a JonBoy Meyers masterpiece, our Artist of the Month,while you are out there!!


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