Episode 91, Luke Cage and Beyond (Star Trek)

Sorry for this late podcast… #hurricanematthew really knew how to slow us down…but we won’t be stopped. Sweet Christmas.

It is no surprise we want to talk about our favorite trailer from #SDCC, Luke Cage. Without Magic Mike, we manage to discuss the setting and atmosphere of the first 6 shows. No real spoilers and nothing will surprise you by listening if you have not watched it yet. This #Netflix original has so many good qualities! Netflix and Marvel is a standard comic book team up we would read weekly! We also like the music they are pairing with this show. How many names can you spot with the music?


Our Final installment of our tribute to Star Trek. We discuss a bit of Star Trek Beyond. Did you see it yet? Again, no real spoilers but certainly our opinion on the franchise. #wrathofkhan #spock #startrek



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