Episode 106, Marvel TV, Movie Trailers and 2017 Outlooks

You can catch us talking about X-Men TV Show, Legion to all the trailers that were released this past week. Stranger Things 2, GOTG2, Clone wars, Netflix, Transformers, Ghost in a shell, Logan, TWD and Pensacon 2017. And some other stuff too!

Catch it right here!!

2 thoughts on “Episode 106, Marvel TV, Movie Trailers and 2017 Outlooks

  1. Hey guys,

    I am really enjoying the show. It is great to hear your voice each week and on a subject that I love.

    To your comments about VidAngel being shutdown, I was flying Delta about the time that ruling was about to be handed down and noticed something interesting, Delta was showing edited movies! That’s right, you can’t use VidAngel or edit movies you purchase, but the studios will support Delta and provide them with a license to show edited movies.

    “No soup for you!”

    Later days,

    1. Thanks man… Stay tuned in! I wish the courts could see it our way.. that would be nice. It only makes sense to us to have it edited for our liking!

      New episode coming this week. Thanks for listening bro!

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