Episode 139 – Thor Ragnarok, Stranger Things 2 Final, Star Trek Discovery

What do you get when you cross a Hammer-less Thunder god, a Green Hulking warrior, an angry sister and a spoiled Grandmaster? How about a 122.7 million dollar opening weekend named Thor Ragnarok!!

With Thor Ragnarok, we discuss everything from the hilarious opening scene, to the destruction of the Hammer, to the end credit scenes. Does the movie move the end game being Infinity War forward? Did we see too much in trailers? Was it a comedy or an action movie?  These are just a few questions we discuss.

Lots going on here; just look at the cast:

Lets sum it up with these pics:


Next we finish up our review of Stranger Things 2.

Lots of questions came up such as the cast and the addition to it.

Where do we go from here? Were we satisfied with the ending? Did they tie up all the loose ends? What about Elevens new look?

What about the shadow monster? Is it gone?

We try to sum it all up in the latest episode of Podcast4Scifi!




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