Episode 145 – The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi;

That’s what this entire episode is about. We all ran to the theaters opening weekend to see if our questions from The Force Awakens were answered. Its seems as we might have more than what we started with. With a strong opening weekend, it would lead you to believe that this is another hit but that may not be case.

There seems to be a lot of fan backlash. Everything from a not so great Rotten Tomatoes score to fans petitioning the movie. There are even rumors that a member of the podcast may feel the same. Lets see how strong that force is.

Nevertheless we discuss the movie, share our thoughts and feelings. We don’t hold back.

If you haven’t seen the movie be warned; we say everything. So tune in and let us know what your thoughts are. If you don’t we will know anyways!

This is episode 145!!


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