Walking Dead

I am very excited The Walking Dead is back on the air.   We had a small podcast about it last week but you probably won’t hear it.  I think I would like to get another podcast about the next episode and combine them perhaps.

Tonight is another episode and I will be tuned in!

Wizard World Con is coming up in various cities and they have a lot of The Walking Dead casts there… if you had your choice, would you rather get a picture with you favorite character from the show, or a pic with the whole gang?? Tell me why… I want to know what to do!  Decisions Decisions.The-Walking-Dead-the-walking-dead-33197608-1024-768

4 thoughts on “Walking Dead

  1. I will tell you I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get a pic with the whole crew. The more the merry and I would be in the middle of the pic with my arms crossed. Standing like the man I am!!

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