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If you have been listening to our podcast then you know we haven’t been the biggest “Agents of Shield” supporters. Even with the most recent episodes coming on strong and taking the show to a different level, my fellow podcasters refuse to talk about it and probably have not watch it as of late. Maybe this post and your comments will wake them up.

I recently read from BuzzFeed┬áthat Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen have had access to every marvel script from the beginning. Does this change how you feel about the show? Imagine having to keep all of these secrets knowing they’ve had to build up good and bad characters with a betrayer in the mix not including no mention of Hydra until the Winter Solder hit the theaters. To run an episode that could have easily been a season finally in the middle of the season was a great idea. So maybe they didn’t meet or exceed some our expectations. Where our expectations to high, are we being to picky, or are we just looking for a show to talk bad about? I have to say I have not been the biggest fan from the get go however the show has made a huge turn around and is definitely worth watching again if you stopped (GameGod,Moose, and Jazz), or start watching if you haven’t seen it.

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  1. I must say that I have been a fan all along. I agree that it had a really slow start and I considered letting it go, however it did wake up and last nights season finale was great! Anxious to see what unfolds next season.

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