Neverwinter Nights equal never ending nights!

Everyone loves free stuff. More so, everyone loves free games. Combine that with a MMORPG and you got Neverwinter Nights on the Xbox One.


When I first heard about this game I didn’t know anything about it. As a matter of fact, I kind of overlooked it for a bit. It wasn’t even on my radar. I was so caught up on Destiny (I mean who isn’t!)



I would play Destiny for hours on end trying to get the best gear (I’m lvl 31, almost 32). Then I saw a preview of Neverwinter Nights and I said “this could be interesting.” I missed the beta, was a little bummed about that but then the game came out. I was prepared to pay my normal $60 but when it said free, I couldn’t believe it. I actually said to myself “how good can a free game really be?” Boy was I surprised.


Neverwinter Nights should be called Never ending Nights because that’s how my nights became. I would play all night. There would be no end. The game is that good. It is your traditional MMO but on an epic fantasy feel. You have classes like, Weapon Champions (two-handed fighter),Tricksters, Clerics, and Control Wizards. There are different races from humans to half-orcs to even a dragon-like race.  I have both a Cleric and a Control Wizard. It starts out with the normal tutorial which carries you through level 5 but then it lets you go on your own.

The game is huge. I literally got lost in the first town. There is so much to do. You can craft items and train companions so you are never alone in the game (it’s a tough world out there).  There are also 5-man dungeons that are lots of fun.

neverwinter dung


I have only done 2 of them and they are long. I just hit level 26 and it seems the game is really starting to take off. I just saw my first world boss. It’s a green dragon that spews acid.


It takes 6 to 10 players to defeat him. Needless to say, I barely tickled him. This game has so much content I barely scratched the surface. The level cap is 60. I’m not even half way there. I still have plenty of zones to check out and explore, spells to learn and gear to obtain. This game is truly never-ending! Check out the video below for yourself. Until next time, Game On!!


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  1. Hi gamegod,

    Oh man, The memories of the past are flashing right in front of me. I’ve play neverwinter since the closed beta, i really like being dwarf that time, shields are OP. lol, Anyways, I’m just passing by, Thanks for the heads-up though, I’m pretty sure it would be hard for console peasants to maneuver the game, specially in battlefields.

    Tribz@New Free to Play

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