Episode 64, I will finish what you have started

Chris Nelson joins us from Nozlen.com He tells us more about Nozlen storage tubes.. (we use these during the conventions and have never been happier!). We offers 20% off on a purchase of the tubes until the end of the month and a free giveaway for some lucky listeners.. still a chance to win!
Interstellar revisit.. It was the first time Moose saw the film and discusses it with the other podcast members.. Just how deep is it?
Gametime from Gamegod – The Division and Ark, Survival Evolved 2 Games he is super excited about sharing his review with us. Xbox 1 and PS4 released Beta..

Comic Book movies being released 2016, we rank the films we want to see. #deadpool #xmen #gamebit #batman v superman #DrStrange #SuicideSquad #CaptainAmericaCivilWar #Sinister6

ma[ interstellar

Next Podcast.. we preview the new Xfiles!


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