4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Farragut fest will be coming up soon. farragutfest.com Check it out! I think we will be there doing a few projects. We will post some more information soon.

  2. FanX is coming up again. If you’re going, stop by the Draw With Me table again and I’ll give you that Moose I drew last time. ^^

  3. So podcast4scifi, I would live to hear what you guys think about more and more comic sci-fi movies moving to an “R” rating. There was a time that getting a “R” rating was the kiss of death for any movies potential to even break even (talking money) and so studious pursued lower ratings. With the recent success of Deadpool, it appears studious no longer fear this rating but are actually promoting it and it using it as a way to actual draw in even more movie goers thus making money. Love to hear what you guys think about this? Deadpool, Wolverine 3 and now Blu-Ray Batman Vs Superman. Which movie is going to get an R rating? My guess, X-Men! Love to hear your opinion.

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